Crosses of Infinite Space

The success of robotic space Philae weighing 100 kilograms belongs to the European space agency, which is taking off with the spacecraft unmanned Rosetta, with a speed of about 70,000 km per hour, through a long journey for 10 years, eventually landing on the object universe, comet 67P, which is now within 500,000 .000 km of the planet Earth.

This is one of the history of civilization of humanity, for the first time, man-made object, the object landed in the universe farthest from the earth. After the man landed on the natural satellite, the moon, in 1969 ago. While other unmanned spacecraft NASA VOYAGER, which first flew into space decades ago, has even further out of the solar system, the sun, with a mission to ‘find’ other life in the universe. VOYAGER them bring a sound recording sounds of nature and human beings on planet Earth.

Human intelligence needed to costly and time, for a very broad space across the universe that is not trimmed. But, with DEATH that moment, that we must naturally, people will switch across to other realms that are not trimmed in an instant. What we’ve been prepared to go with the vehicle of death, to traverse the very broad nature of God’s creation.

In the verses of the Qur’an, God challenged mankind, “You will not be able to penetrate the space, but with the power of your knowledge”. God’s challenge, a new reality in the 1950s, when Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin flew into space without air.

Now, go into outer space would be very expensive with the cost of travel. Not only astronauts and cosmonauts were able to fly into space, ordinary people can do it. Later, and for sure, we will go across every nature there are no limits, by way of death. Turn towards God, creator of the universe. Are we prepared for the journey this far? In fact, death can occur without ever we thought. Young and healthy, will not be able to postpone death.


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