Islam and the Koran Revelation of God

Islam was revealed to organize live followers to obtain genuine happiness after death. Therefore, Islam regulates many aspects of human life. For a Muslim, from birth until death, it was never out of the rules of Islam. And all the rituals and symbols of religion in Islam, is of the order of God, which was exemplified when Muhammad lived. Not something that is made by Islamic scholars.

Islam would not think the rules yield Muhammad, but true revelation from God and conveyed to Muhammad to mankind. When a Muslim ritual prayer, the prayer was also performed by Muhammad when he was alive. Praying with prayer and the movement was not invented by the Islamic scholars. So it is with many other religious in Islam.

Even places of worship called mosques, function and name, and already there when Muhammad was still alive. Islamic religious day is Friday already, not a human invention, but one thing is already there when Muhammad was still alive. Scriptures The Qur’an is now commonly read by a Muslim, was there as well is read by Muhammad, although it was still shaped sheet sheet. Qur’an is not the fruit of human work or think Muhammad.

As a religion, Islam also has close ties with previous Prophets. Some of these bastards FOOD law of Moses, still banned, then do not be lawful. Teachings of Abraham to cut some boys genital skin, or circumcision, remains the teachings of Islam. Islam was still following the teachings of the prophets who worship only one God. The teachings of the worship of the one God, the teachings of which are also served by the prophets from Adam to Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus son of Mary.

Muslims respect and venerate the Prophet. Islam honored David’s son Solomon, David’s father Sulaiman respect. Also in honor of Noah and Lot. In the Qur’an there never was a story of disgrace act committed by David Solomon Luth or Noah. Because they are the messengers of God who has dignified and noble nature.

When a Muslim dies, the death ritual process them wrapped in a shroud, is also God. Moreover, when the death of Muhammad was wrapped in a shroud, as when Jesus, son of Mary’s death, also wrapped in a cloth. Islam is not a religion, which all laws and rules of worship invented by man.

Qur’an as a revelation from God, instructing the rules of life, religious rules and the history of the prophet messenger of God. Qur’an also tells the story of science, which is not known by Muhammad at the time the Qur’an was revealed. Qur’an talks about the process of creating a baby in the woman’s uterus. On the water evaporates, clouds and rain. Qur’an also tells that the earth and celestial bodies spin and move. Recalled that plant breeding flowers with the wind. It was no doubt in the Koran and Islam.


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