Old Man Food Vendors


Not always we look upwards, because we would always want to step up. Under the gaze of life, as so many lessons that we can be in life. Many of us who no longer even have a place to store happiness, because so much happiness has been obtained. There is no them, even though not received happiness have long sought.

Old grandfather, selling food with a cart driven, selling around down the road. In fact we could not push the burden of life as it is. Hear the sound of clinking spoons scuff plates, grandfather sellers around on a quiet street, sometimes in the rain or heat.

Grandfather who keep smiling bear the burden, laugh at us who cry only by a piece of love cracking problem. Grandparents who walked sweating burden, laugh at us who complain without thankful. Hear the sound of plates grandfather vendors, there was a tone of spirit life.

Grandfather who did not want to ask us. We can not wipe away the tears, because the old man did not have tears sad. We have a lot of tears, but away by a piece of love or life issues, as well as by a thorn prick painless. If he were only a spear pierced can still smile, should we cry just because a small thorn?

The grandfather never know, will be how much money these days. But the grandfather kept smiling and praying to God. Grandfather profit selling in a day, maybe less, than the money that we use for one lunch. Are we already give thanks to God?

If God has given sustenance to us, then we should be sharing and giving, to those who are poor. Hopefully, our eyes can still see. Our ears can still hear. To see and hear a lesson about life. God has a lot to give, then we should be able to share with others.


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