Islam and Deadly Attack in Paris

Bloodiest and deadliest attacks in post-war world in Paris France, which killed more than 150 people, is very surprising and makes the world grieve. This aggression is a crime against the values ​​of humanity. World united to head bowed in grief, to respond to the attacks that are usually claimed to be the path of jihad. Claims are certainly not reference the teachings of Islam. Although such action is often attributed to the Islamic symbols.

Prophet Muhammad never inherit and teach, all in any way to build a purpose. Build a roof with goodness can not damage walls. Islam requires good way to create a glorious civilization.

During the 23 years of the Prophet Muhammad to build a culture and civilization, without wetting the soil of Mecca and Medina with the blood of innocent people. Goodness can not follow the way how Robinhood. Sense of security and peace is a universal word, which can not be translated with a dictionary of violence.

Whatever the reason, the attack in Paris was a mistake and misguided. Crime can be done by anyone, with any religious background. But no one religion that justifies evil and barbarity. Perpetrators, could be a Muslim, but it certainly does not represent Islam as a religion.

Barbarity can be done by anyone, George W. Bush president of the USA has killed thousands of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan. Israel decades colonize and kill the Palestinians. A person committing a crime because the motives he thinks, not because of religious teaching orders. An incorrect understanding of religious teachings, can bring radical nature.

Attacks such as those in Paris, could be due to the radical nature of the perpetrators, it could be because of issues related to global political policy. To create a peaceful world, need to resolve the conflict of war in some countries with fair and thorough.

It is time the world must look for peace with justice. If the world can unite in grief, over the incident in Paris 14 November 2015, as well as a unified world condemned this barbaric, what the world is also united in grief and condemn Israeli savagery of Palestine? During discrimination still occur in the world of justice, then during which the world can never feel safe


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