Islamic Terrorists Stigmatized

The collapse of the wall dividing the two blocks in Berlin, in the last decade of the second millennium, due to the results of the ‘wind of change’ Glasnost Perestroika, ending four decades of the Cold War two superpower. Post-cold war, communist issue came to an end, with the collapse of the communist countries in Europe. Global issues shifted to the fight against terrorism at the beginning of the third millennium, culminating in the September eleven tragedy in New York.

Then, terrorism linked to Islam. And like it or not, the West stigma Islam as terrorism.
And clearly, the violence of terrorism stands opposite the teachings of Islam and any religion. The stigma that arises as a result of the attitude of the two legs of Muslims, in addressing terrorism is indeed the culprit Muslim, partly condemned and some defending the perpetrators.
Most Muslims trapped in feelings of sympathizing with terrorists, for reasons that relate offender action with the Islamic goal. And clearly, acts of terror is contrary to the teachings of Islam.

Acts of terrorism itself, in fact it had occurred and performed by actors outside the Muslim. Such acts of terror in Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, India, Japan and China. Terrorism can be done by anyone, and people of any religion. But religion does not teach terror.

Terrorists on behalf of the action with the religion of Islam, but Islam does not justify acts of terrorism, because both are opposite and different. We will not get out of the history of Islam, the prophet Muhammad that perform acts of terror, even against those who were hostile to him, the prophet Muhammad was very respectful.

If there is any war in the history of Islam, it was for good cause, namely because Muslims fought by the enemies of Islam, as there is the battle of Badr and Uhud. While the terror that happened today, it is contrary to the values ​​and teachings of Islam.


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