The wonders of God in the world map


by : Rachmat Hidayat

When we observe a picture map of the world, indeed the plan and on the power of God’s creation is proof of perfection. Evidence of God’s love for mankind. In line with the Qur’an, the letter al-Baqoroh paragraph 255. Form geogorafi our earth is not a coincidence of natural processes, but the intent of the power and mercy of God.

God created a narrow land between the Red Sea with the Mediterranean, so that people can build the Suez Canal. Unimaginable, would be difficult and expensive human life if there is no Suez Canal, due to shipping must surround the continent of Africa across South Africa.

This narrow sea Similarly, once the proof of God’s power. Through the miracles performed by Moses, the parting of the sea water, that Moses and his people could cross. And later, humans divide this narrow land, in order to cross it in cruise.

God also designed the same thing when it created the American continent, was made narrower in the middle, in order to enable people to build the Panama canal. If no, do not imagine how expensive the cost of life due to shipping traffic must pass through the strait Maghelan in southern Argentina.

Similarly, there is evidence of the greatness of GOD by the creation of Jabal Tarik strait that separates Morocco to Portugal, without this strait, the Suez Canal less useful for world shipping. And if we contemplate the existence of the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus in Turkey, or the Bering strait dividing Russia to Alaska, then surely there is a miracle of God’s purpose in creating the earth’s surface .

In the context of the creation of nature, many verses of the Qur’an associated with it, including the word of God, “It’s the nature of creation, there are signs of God’s power, for people who want to think”. So, by thinking and observing the world map image, it can add to our faith in God.


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