USA Government and Acts of Terrorism

The world situation is now a lot of conflict and widespread terror, if you look into the past, the US government has a major contribution in creating the life of the world is now unsafe. US political policy unfair and discrimination against Muslim countries, fueling the growth of the radical nature and hatred towards Western countries.

The US invasion of Iraq, which create chaos and the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s government, makes Iraq so weak that ISIS appear into force. US policy with veto rights in the UN, often breaking the peace of the world. The United States is very unfair to the fate of the Palestinians, this is a big mistake the form of US government policy in the world.

Personally, then US president George Bush and his son Walker Bush, to be the most responsible for the situation of the world today, this father and son, who invaded Iraq and toppled Saddam Hussein.

If the United States government still carry out foreign policy that is unjust, against the Palestinian and Islamic countries, the nature of the radical and hate some Muslims, against Western countries, there will always be and can lead to acts of terror.


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