Islam and Christian religion of terrorism ?

This week and the world community in the middle of the turbulent emotions. Paris tragedy makes us get swept up in the emotion. Do not need to be denied, it touches on the emotional side of the religious sentiment.

Social media has become a stage to express this emotion. Growled angrily cynical smile together and collaborate. But it certainly does not have to be acts of violence. Quite limited to the creation of words in expressing feeling and emotion.

Who need to be reminded of the wise, that terrorist acts did not represent any one religion. That the terrorists in this century the majority of Muslims, is a fact. But did not represent Islamic teachings.

If true Islam teaches allowed to kill non-Muslims, of course there will be no non-Muslim citizens in Saudi Arabia, in fact, they can still live comfortably.

The presence of radical attitudes that led to acts of terror, committed by Muslim perpetrators, not apart because it was inspired by the political situation and security in the world.

United States and its allies, has a major contribution to the creation of the world insecure, through policies that discriminate against Islamic countries, such as in Afghanistan and Iraq Palestine.

Terror and crimes against humanity, had done not only by Muslim perpetrators. Occupation and oppression, which had experienced the Indonesian nation, carried out by the Dutch who were Christians.

Political or apartheid in South Africa, which is discrimination against blacks, conducted by the British government who were Christians. Or slaughter and genocide of thousands of Muslims in Bosnia Herzegovina in 1994, carried out by the regime of Slobodan Milosevic and Radovan Karadzic who were Christians.

If only because the adherents of a religion of terror, then the religion stigmatized terrorist religion, of all religions in the world is a terrorist. Because all religions, adherents have been involved terror and crimes against humanity.

So we must be intelligent and wise, to distinguish between crime and terror committed by individuals, and where religion that teaches kindness.

If it was as though there are some Muslims who look happy with the killed incident in Paris, it is just a message to the world, that the wound was sick, it was a deadly shot, killed it depressing. Pain shot killed, that is what happens everyday in Iraq Palestine Syria and Afghanistan.

Are the lives of Europeans is more valuable than the Asian nation? so that is only because 150 man killed in Paris, the world united anger and grief. Whether for the thousands of lives that were killed in Afghanistan and Iraq Palestine Syria united world of anger and grief?


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