To Heaven, from Indonesia Syria or Saudi Arabia?

A system of community life, can not be changed with a better system, in ways that shed blood, violence and tears and injury, in violation of the law.

Moreover, if the purpose, not sure will bring civil society. Be thankful we live in a system of life in Indonesia, where we live safely and comfortably, and can be used for worship and closer to God. A safe and comfortable life, freedom of religion.

If we feel the system going live is not like what we believe, then cultivate and grow the system of life that we believe is personal, in order to be a good personal. If the system feels life is not good, as we swam in the sea without drinking water.

Do not change the system of life, unless you are certain will be successful. Do not like the sugar spilled in the sea to make sweet water in the sea.

Not because of where we are, we can go to heaven. However, how the quality of our obedient and submissive to GOD. Heaven can be obtained by obedience to God, even if we are living and being in Las Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo.

Islam really teaches love and peace. The life of the prophet Muhammad could serve as a reference for Muslims is also the world community. If Islam teaches violence and hostility, of course Islam is not possible to grow and thrive in the world.

But in the life of any religion, there will always be a distorted religious and radical, because interpreting religion according to different thoughts, especially triggered by life situations that they think is very unfair.





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