Islamic scholars worldwide, Zakir Naik, for the second time in the adjacent visiting Indonesia. His lecture was indeed phenomenal and global. Making should be denied its presence in several countries.

Zakir Naik class character or previous world recognize Ahmad Deedat, a native of India, a country with a population of more than 100 million Muslims, Islam has become an icon of this modern era. Zakir Naik is the truth about Islam as a religion that is so ready for verifiable, in balance with the logic rationality of faith and the history of humanity.

Between religions, though not up for debate, because it involves a matter of confidence, certainly not one to be tested on the truth of his teachings, as a matter of scripture, in the case of Islam is the Qur’an. And Islam altogether very open to be tested and asked about the substance of the Koran as the word of God, and about the prophethood Muhammad SAW.

Islam, it is ready to be asked and asked. Because as a good Muslim, we not only believe in the teachings of Islam because the fate of birth. But because we believe in the rationality of Islamic teachings in the context of the logic of faith. Islam and Dr. Zakir Naik, will and always give answers on all questions the Koran, Muhammad SAW and Islam.

Islam is the life and worship for a Muslim. Because they live in the world is the path to eternal life in the future, that is why Islam regulates the trappings of life of the people, since the mother’s womb, so when it comes to death and buried. And all of that included worship, the procedures have been set in Islam.


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