Da’wah delivered an Zakir Naik, so elegant and very seductive curiosity of many people. Preaching are open to anyone, our curiosity with his message can we find them via the touch of fingers on gadget touchcreen.

Highly digestible preaching to understand. Intelligence in arguing and explaining a question, we can prove through cyberspace, not hidden or concealed. Should a Muslim do not believe in the teachings of Islam because of sheer destiny birth. But because I know understand and believe.
Da’wah delivered Zakir Naik is about the truth of the teachings of Islam that is not in doubt. Islam as a concept and doctrine, so rational and very understandable and justified in the context of the logic of faith.
What is offered Islam forgiveness of human sin, about the safety of life in the hereafter, about social life in the world, very rational and truly in logic of faith. Very inexplicable in the human mind.
The climax of rasionalias truth of Islam is the concept of God in their Muslim faith, which is so beautiful and very easy to be understood human. Only one God is above all else in Islam. And Muhammad’s prophethood is explained about what and how Islam.
Of course also the figure of Muhammad SAW became an important part in the course of Islam. Muhammad SAW exemplary life, his marriage with several women. And of his marriage with A’isyah that young age, it is a must that blends with the concept of Islamic teachings.
For a Muslim who has the ideology of Islam, would make Islam the hands of his life. And difficult release it, until one when it arrives at the end of a life time. And make Islam as a record of his life in facing the creator of the universe, GOD.


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