The marriage of Prophet Muhammad SAW with the ummul mu’minin, A’isyah ra, is the historical record in Islam, which is written as it is. Proving the source of Islamic writing has never ‘edited’ or omitted an important event for an interest. The marriage, if measured in modern times today, took place nearly 1500 years ago. The marriage is a historical fact. About how old A’isyah ra when married there are differences of opinion, 7 or 17 years. But in general and the majority write 7 years. A thing that was never covered by Islamic writers, because it is not a disgrace to the time and tradition at that time. A few years later after the marriage, A’isyah ra lived in the house with the Prophet. The marriage is God’s plan for the growth of Islam. 
A’isyah ra is an intelligent woman who became a fact in Islamic history. Thousands of hadits, which is the writing about the source of Islamic law, which comes from the words or deeds of the Prophet, narrated from A’isyah ra. There is no other wife of the Prophet who remembers the hadits  as many as remembered by A’isyah ra. Many teachings of Islam, unknown to the Companions of the Prophet, but only known by A’isyah ra, and delivered by A’isyah ra. This was possible because A’isyah was the wife of the Prophet.

A’isyah’s very young age at marriage was God’s plan for Islam. Proved because A’isyah ra lived for over half a century after the Prophet’s death. The range during that time was used by A’isyah ra, to convey the teachings of Islam to the first generation of Islam. The development of Islam is very grateful for the services of A’isyah ra. Because of the age of the four main companions of the Prophet who became khalifah, only up to 3 decades. A’isyah ra still lives long after generation 4 main friend ends. Even the other wives of the Prophet, had died when the Prophet was alive, or shortly after the Prophet’s death. Because the other wives of the Prophet, generally are widows who are elderly when married by the Prophet.

Thus, the Prophet’s marriage to A’isyah was not a disgrace. Enemy of the enemy of Islam at the very beginning of the growth of Islam, does not make this an issue to discredit Islam. And the historical record was never subsequently edited or hidden. The marriage, if measured by the present time, of course time space has been far nearly 1500 years. Marriage is God’s plan, because A’isyah also has no children from the Prophet. And after the Prophet’s death, A’isyah never married again until A’ishah died. So the marriage is not a libido factor.


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